What the heck are Kettle Chips?!?


Crispy Thick Kettle Chips
Crispy Thick Kettle Fried Potato Chips
Hot and fresh, ready to be seasoned!
Hot and fresh, ready to be seasoned!

As you may or may not know, I have recently been offering different goodies for sale. This weekend I unvieled my latest creation, and it has received the best feedback by far. Homemade Kettle Fried Potato Chips.  Since coming to the Philippines it may be hard for some of you to believe, but the snack isle at the local grocery store is much much different than one you would find in the United States. I have an addiction to most junk food, any fried bread, and all things carb.  There has been this tingly spot deep in my belly that needs good potato chips, and it’s going on nine months of craving my favorite snack. Long story short instead of fighting the urges any longer I whipped up a batch of greasy, thick, and crispy potato chips, just the way I like it. I mixed together a batch of my Clean Slate Cajun Seasoning along with a few extra secret ingredients and pow, the only Cajun Kettle Chips around that I’ve seen so far. And they are good, let me tell you.

There are actually three types being offered:

  1. Orignal – Don’t call them plain, because they are seasoned with Sea Salt, and may be the best of them all.
  2. Garlic –  A whole head of crispy fried garlic pieces goes into each one of these bags, infusing the chips with flavor.
  3. Spicy Cajun – A little bit sweet, a little bit savoury, with a nice spicy kick to finish it off. My personal favorite.


This weekend I sold out basically. Several people here apparently have never had a nice thick cut, crispy potato chip. A few even asked me what kettle chips were. And thats great, these are questions I love to answer! Well for starters, kettle is not the vegetable they are made of 🙂 The kettle is the big metal pot they are traditionally cooked in. The potato is cleaned and with the skin left on they are sliced thick. Each slice is double fried at two different temperatures to create an extremely crispy chip.

So, if you want to try them out there are two ways of doing it:

  1. You can call or message me and I will just make you some.
    • My contact info is:
      • Cell: +63 916 618 5443
      • Email: JonathanBeam83@gmail.com
  2. Or, you can wait until next week for Friday and pick up a bag at The Sweet Life by Ange booth. It is located in the Bakers Dozen on the concourse level of the Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, and will be there until Sunday 🙂


Any idea the constitution it takes to make bags and bags of fresh chips without eating them ALL?
Any idea the constitution it takes to make bags and bags of fresh chips without eating them ALL?

2 thoughts on “What the heck are Kettle Chips?!?”

  1. Hi, i love your spicy cajun kettle chips!!! Tried them yesterday and just had to check out your blog! Hope you’ll be in Rockwell again next week! 🙂


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