Boodle Fight!

Recently, I experienced a Philippine tradition in dining called a Boodle Fight. Now, this is the epitome of finger food.  There are no forks in sight or any plates for that matter. The food is piled high on top of banana leaves in the center of the table and everyone digs in with their bare hands.

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Clean Slate Featured on, Philippine Daily Inquirer, ABS-CBN, and more!

I have had the unique honor to be featured on some of the Philippines’ most prestigious and popular publications and online resources. I feel extremely lucky for this, I didn’t know anyone when I first arrived here in Manila. I believe good things happen when you follow your passion in full force, and this is a testament to that. I have compiled a separate page to keep up with action, you can check it out by clicking here.

 Thank you so much everyone for all the comments on my blog entries Pressand support. The future is looking bright for Clean Slate!

Top 10 “Healthier” Potato Chips to Snack On

Clean SLate Spotph feature

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Day Trip to Tagaytay and Breakfast at Antonio’s

I took a day trip a couple hours away to Tagaytay over the weekend.  The area I visited is basically a mountain top overlooking Taal Lake and in the center of the lake are islands formed by Taal volcano. The fantastic view from the ridge is reason enough to visit, but the area also has some awesome produce and nice cool temperatures. It is a great scenic escape from the bustle and the heat of Manila, and I definitely recommend a visit! We arrived around breakfast time and decided to visit a locally famous spot called Breakfast at Antonio’s. IMG_8535 Continue reading Day Trip to Tagaytay and Breakfast at Antonio’s

Seaside Dampa, best fresh seafood ever.


When I first arrived in the Philippines, I was having huge cravings for fresh seafood. I went with a group one night to a wet market near Manila Bay. They told me that it was locally famous for specializing in cooked-as-you-like fresh seafood. My memories of that experience are quite funny because I was still very unaccustomed to the culture here in the Philippines at that time.  I recall being a bit taken aback by the sights, sounds, and smells of the market.

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My Favorite Clean Slate Moments of 2014

IMG_2828Close up of Shrimp and Bacon Po' BoyBeet Salad BoardJambalaya Plated3Uni Butter Penne1The full fish taco spread2Clean slate billboardcrabplate9ribsonwhite1Chirashi MacroSeared Scallop Sandwich with lemongrass infused fresh coconut and dill slaw with a tamarind turmeric gravySausage Marinara SandwichIMG_7503IMG_7915IMG_7959


2014 was an amazing year for me!

The beginning of this month  marks the one year anniversary of me being in Manila, and one whole year of me focusing entirely on my passion,  food.  It has been a constant test, but there is nothing better than struggling for your passion. I am excited to announce that I rolled out a new format for the blog. Please let me know what you think of the new look! Also I am trying to figure out what I want my .com url to be titled, so if you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments below. As soon as I have settled on a name (hardest thing ever), I will be debuting the new Clean Slate website! 🙂

This blog started as a test for myself to see if I could keep up with it. I now have a whole new respect for bloggers as a whole, because  it really is a time consuming process. For someone who has been called a ‘perfectionist’, it can become a balance of compromise. At times, some posts never feel truly finished. All the negative aspects aside, it is an irreplaceable feeling when I publish an original recipe that I worked days preparing for; from the  cooking and and writing, to taking photos.  I highly suggest you give blogging a shot if you have never tried it. Even if no one ever reads your posts (highly unlikely), it is great showing the world what you are capable of, and a fantastic hobby and outlet.

Looking back over all my posts from 2014, I surprised myself to relive all the delicious meals and content I put together throughout the year. It really gave me a sense of pride and  reassured me to stick with it.

I linked several of my favorite posts above, and if you are new to the blog, or just need a refresher, I would love if you would check out the ones that catch your eye.

Once again, thank you all for reading Clean Slate! I really truly appreciate the time each of you take to comment, and complement on all my posts. It makes it such a rewarding process knowing my readers enjoy Clean Slate. It means a lot to me and I thank you!

Happy New Year, and I will keep you posted on what’s cooking!


Leftovers Makeover: Turning Christmas Dinner leftovers into Turkey Pot Pie

Nothing’s worse than cooking a huge  holiday meal and not knowing what to do with all the leftovers. For Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, that is exactly what happened. We had a ton of extra food, and even after feeding lots of friends and family over the course of several days, it just wouldn’t go away. I took one look at all the fresh veggies and the massive pile of turkey, and I decided to make pot pie.

Turkey Pot Pie

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