Clean Slate Featured on, Philippine Daily Inquirer, ABS-CBN, and more!

I have had the unique honor to be featured on some of the Philippines’ most prestigious and popular publications and online resources. I feel extremely lucky for this, I didn’t know anyone when I first arrived here in Manila. I believe good things happen when you follow your passion in full force, and this is a testament to that. I have compiled a separate page to keep up with action, you can check it out by clicking here.

 Thank you so much everyone for all the comments on my blog entries Pressand support. The future is looking bright for Clean Slate!

Top 10 “Healthier” Potato Chips to Snack On

Clean SLate Spotph feature

Philippine Daily Inquirer

2014 best list: Holiday food-to-go

Inquirer article

Ultimate Taste Test XII: 4th Rockwell UTT @PowerPlantMall (A Photo Essay)

ourawesomeplanet UTT

29th Negros Trade Fair 2014: Smile Beyond Borders (A Photo Essay)

OAP negros


What to look for at Negros Trade Fair



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