Day Trip to Tagaytay and Breakfast at Antonio’s

I took a day trip a couple hours away to Tagaytay over the weekend.  The area I visited is basically a mountain top overlooking Taal Lake and in the center of the lake are islands formed by Taal volcano. The fantastic view from the ridge is reason enough to visit, but the area also has some awesome produce and nice cool temperatures. It is a great scenic escape from the bustle and the heat of Manila, and I definitely recommend a visit! We arrived around breakfast time and decided to visit a locally famous spot called Breakfast at Antonio’s. IMG_8535

The ‘back porch’
Not a bad view..
Golden Honey Waffle and house made Breakfast Sausage
Garden Crepes
Tasty little hash brown.
Corned Beef
Salmon Benedict


They also have a small market selling fresh produce and bread items.


One more shot of their view while the sun is out.

I really enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant and the fact that so many of their items were made right there. After breakfast, we took a drive to another area with a great vantage point. IMG_8580 IMG_8587 IMG_8589 IMG_8598 IMG_8614 IMG_8616 After checking out the lake, we visited some roadside fruit vendors for some produce that is hard to find in Manila. Tagaytay is surrounded by many farms due to its altitude, cooler weather and fertile volcanic soil. Pineapple seems to be one of the most popular items being grown.

Pineapple Farm
And more Pineapple.
Pineapple for days. 🙂
Kind of hard tell what is going on here, but this is a cactus farm…with pineapple growing below it. 🙂


Little tiny baby bananas. 🙂

IMG_8651 IMG_8647

Big and little mangoes.


So the purple ones are called mangosteen or star apple. It has a sweet and tangy flavor and very wild looking on the inside, with white segmented flesh similar to citrus wedges.
So the big spiky green guy is Soursop or Guyabano. It tastes pretty sour, as the name implies. But it also has a nice floral and sweet flavor and many health benefits.
Good lettuce can be hard to find in Manila, since it is so hot. Check out those tiny baseball sized pineapples. 🙂

IMG_8636 IMG_8635 IMG_8630

This is called jack fruit, and it is absolutely massive, like at least 2 feet to 3 feet long. It is pretty starchy and not really my favorite, but it is often used here as one of the many ingredients for the local favorite frozen dessert “halo-halo’.
Photo courtesy of
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IMG_8624 IMG_8608 I really enjoyed this trip, and it’s surprising how it is so close to Manila! It feels like a different world.  If you have never been to Tagaytay, you should  give it a shot when you are in the area!

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