Lit: A perfect spot for a quiet drink



The night began at Phat Pho in Serendra. This is my favorite Vietnamese spot in Manila and I really need to do a go-to feature about them soon. I am always on the lookout for great authentic Vietnamese food so if you know of a place please lemme know! we tried the fish sauce chicken wings and they are on point. They have really great flavor and I highly recommend trying them!

Here is the info for Phat Pho, if you have a craving for authentic Vietnamese give them a try because everything I have tried there is fantastic!

Phat Pho:


Phone Number: 02 8430820


Bonifacio Global City, Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City


After a “smallish” meal, we stopped by a new Japanese Whisky bar in Serendra called Lit.  Now you may be thinking to yourself “whisky, doesn’t he mean whiskey?” Well, since we are talking about the Japanese  variety it is spelled whisky. Check out this link to find out more interesting facts about Whiskey vs. Whisky.

If you can’t find them keep an eye out for this sign.

Lit is a small dark shotgun style bar specializing in Japanese Whiskies.  When I say small you could possibly cram 25 people standing into the space. It is truly a hole in the wall, which in my opinion makes it the perfect spot for a quiet drink. The interior styling of dark stained wood and dim lighting create a perfect ambiance. The staff were knowledgeable and attentive. They patiently answered each of my questions and recommended some really tasty beverages.





The bar got busy, but the majority of the clientele appeared to be local businessmen enjoying a whisky after work. I spied an interesting looking cheese platter but since I had already eaten I decided to save the food for my next visit.

I really liked how all the small details were accounted for. From the interior to the glassware. It was the overall quality of everything that led to a very pleasant experience.


The bartenders are true craftsmen and really take their time to ensure your drink is perfect.


Huge blocks of ice are chipped down by hand to fit each glass.


The selection is huge, and if you’re not a know it all connoisseur of Japanese whisky the menu describes the history and experience inside every single bottle perfectly. Not everyone may appreciate the encyclopedia of a menu, but I loved it and was able to learn quite a lot more about Japanese Whisky.





Nikka ‘Hokkaido’ 12 year, neat with a water back.



A few of the top shelf items. Really beautiful bottles, with equally beautiful contents.


They offer a variety of highball style cocktails. On the right  is  an old-fashioned, which I have to admit was portioned perfectly.


I have always loved Scotch Whiskey, and I have always loved Japanese cuisine. Japanese Whisky is amazing and if you have never had the opportunity to try it there is no better place to than at Lit.

Lit Manila:

Phone Number: 0917 510 0014

Location:  Bonifacio Global City, Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City



4 thoughts on “Lit: A perfect spot for a quiet drink”

  1. Those photos are to die for! I have a collection of Japanese whiskies at home with your name on it. =D Ask Ange to help me buy nice whisky glasses and we’ll all do a tasting. As for Vietnamese, how does Phat Pho compare against Ba Noi?


    1. Sounds great Alfie I will let her know 🙂 I personally prefer Phat Pho to Ba Noi, but I have only tried the Ba Noi at Estancia Mall in Pasig. The interior was great and the menu looked really good, but a few of the food items weren’t the best. I’ve heard the Ba Noi location in Tagaytay is really good, so the jury is still out. 🙂


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