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O’Connor Angus Short Ribs, Pork Belly Jambalaya, and Creole Salad!

O’Connor Angus Short Ribs, Pork Belly Jambalaya, and Creole Soak Salad!

O'Connor Angus Short Ribs with Clean Slate
Photos taken by friends of mine moments before they prepared O’Connor Angus short ribs for our dinner together

What started as an occasional dinner at my friend’s home has become an almost weekly tradition. We all like to get together and to cook themed dinners usually centered around a special, hard-to-find ingredient. For this particular dinner, the star was  O’Connor Angus Short Ribs. I made Pork Belly Jambalaya and a Chop Salad with homemade Cajun Vinaigrette.  My friends oven-baked the short ribs using Clean Slate BBQ Rub and Clean Slate BBQ Sauce. 🙂

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Announcing the Clean Slate Catering Menu!

I am extremely excited to debut my first few menu items! I will of course be adding more and more things to the Clean Slate Menu like a Tex-Mex and Italian selections.  Please contact me if you have any questions about prices, or if you have any custom requests. I am happy to entertain your inquiries!


Killer Pork Barbecue: Iberico Ribs, “Beam’s Beans”, Creamy Potato Salad!


So first things first. I like to say, if you start off with a beautiful ingredient then you will get the beautiful results.

Black Iberian Pig
Black Iberian Pig

Iberico Pork comes from Iberian pigs native to Spain, and Portugal. Iberian pigs are one of the oldest domestic breeds, and the fact that in their long lineage they interbred with boars attributed to a very large body size. The unique flavor and the extensive marbling of the meat comes from their diet consisting almost entirely of acorns, which they forage many acres for. This exercise attributes to a more lean and muscular pig than most. Iberico Jamon, or the Secreto, are probably the two most well known cuts. They are a cured and very popular as tapas in Spain.

For dinner my friends and I would be having 6 hour baked Iberico Pork Ribs, Baked Beans, and Potato Salad. Classic Barbecue spread. People seem quite fond of *ribbing* me about my last name, Beam. My friends seem to have taken a liking to calling my baked beans, “Beam’s beans”.

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Clean Slate will be at Rockwell’s Bakers Dozen this weekend!

Clean slate billboard

Several readers have inquired about acquiring Clean Slate recipe items.  Starting Friday August 22 through Sunday August 24, several Clean Slate items will be available at the Sweet Life by Ange booth in the Bakers Dozen located in Powerplant Mall in the Rockwell Center. The booth is located on the Concourse Level, where most of the mall’s restaurants are situated. If you are not able to make it, just contact me at +63 916 618 5443 and I will be happy to suit your needs. I will be posting a complete menu after this weekend for even more available items like Jambalaya trays, and Pulled Pork Sandwiches. But for now, on short notice, here is what I could whip up for this weekend.

Offerings 8.21
My famous Cajun Seasoning Blend as well as the Barbeque Spice Rub I used for my Pulled Pork recipe will be available.
My Barbecue Sauce is not just for grilling! It is literally great on everything; ribs, chicken, you name it!


What attracted me most about these containers was the convenient little spoon. 🙂
Seriously try the pickles.

Thanks again everyone for the support. I welcome any questions you may have !


Clean slate billboard